Architecture: Wood100

The Wood100 building method, developed by the Austrian forester Erwin Thoma, surrounds its inhabitants with the authentic magic of trees. It creates a healthy and energy-giving shell, which consists of 100 percent natural, moon-phase felled, domestic wood from sustainable forestry. Wood100 is entirely free from wood preservatives and glue. Instead, Wood100 makes use of the natural modes of action and forces of wood.

A world record for thermal insulation, six-fold fire protection, the highest earthquake resistance and the possibility of energy self-sufficient construction makes wood the high-tech building material of the future. Based on traditional wood knowledge, the Thoma company developed the unique, massive building system Wood100. In addition to the above-mentioned positive characteristics of this construction method, other advantages consist in good sound and radiation protection, a positive effect on the room climate and sleep quality and a Cradle to Cradle certification in gold (circular flow economy).

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Wood100 construction style
Erwin Thoma – forester, developer of the Wood100 construction style