Fasting Cures

Fasting Cures at ChieneHuus

Experience traditional European healing knowledge combined with holistic treatments for health and well-being. Enjoy the pleasant peace and quiet and the untouched nature of the Kiental valley (impressions) during your spa days.

Fasting at ChieneHuus

Do you feel limp, unfocused, irritable? Do you suffer from itching, frequent sneezing, infections, allergies, high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms, overweight? Are you plagued by rheumatism, headaches, digestive problems? Are you facing a difficult decision? Or do you want to detoxify your body?

Fasting is an ancient tradition that is firmly anchored in our genes. Our body is pre-programmed to start with the internal house cleaning when the food intake is reduced. The autophagy, the self-cleaning mechanism of our cells, is activated and aging processes are slowed down. Fasting is the best anti-aging medicine.

Further information about the inclusive services and prices of our fasting cures can be found in the respective course description. To access them, please click on one of the links below in the monthly overview. You can also book from there.


DigestiveWellness at ChieneHuus

Are you looking for a gentle introduction to a detox purification treatment? Do you feel the need to detox and do something for your health? Give your intestines a break. Enjoy our DigestiveWellness-Package (2 days/nights, extension up to 5 days possible) or book individually combinable DigestiveWellness days (1-5 days with or without an overnight stay). Choose whether or not you want to fast during your DigestiveWellness stay.

Fasting and detox beginners are also in good hands with us and are accompanied personally and competently. Experienced fasting- and detox guests receive many new inputs for nutrition and intestine health.

Further information to the inclusive achievements as well as the prices of the DigestiveWellness package you will find in the respective cure descriptions. To call them up, please click on one of the links below in the monthly overview. You can also book from there.

Are you more interested in one or more DigestiveWellness days that you put together yourself? In this case you will find an overview about all the bookable treatments here (PDF). All treatments take place between 09:00 and 17:00 o’clock.


Further information

The printed brochure on our fasting cures and DarmWellness offers at ChieneHuus can be found here (PDF).

Note: The DigestiveWellness packages as well as the individually compiled DigestiveWellness days can only be booked during periods in which the fasting cures are taking place (see dates below).

March 2024

17.03. - 24.03.         Fasting Cure or DigestiveWellness with Andrea Hackamp, Priscilla Rey, Anne Faulborn Heusler and Matthias Faulborn

June 2024

02.06. - 09.06.         Fasting Cure or DigestiveWellness with Anne Faulborn Heusler, Andrea Hackamp, Matthias Faulborn and Priscilla Rey

September 2024

01.09. - 08.09.         Fasting Cure or DigestiveWellness with Andrea Hackamp, Matthias Faulborn, Anne Faulborn Heusler and Priscilla Rey