General terms and conditions

All ChieneHuus offers are subject to the general terms and conditions of Kientalerhof AG. In the following, “Kientalerhof” is referred to as the entire Kientalerhof AG, which includes all offers at ChieneHuus and on


Terms and Conditions Kientalerhof AG



1. Registration is binding. By submitting the registration you accept the fees and the terms and conditions of the Kientalerhof.

2. The contract is being entered by written confirmation of the registration by the Kientalerhof. The reservation is only confirmed once the deposit has been received. In case of insufficient participants, a course may be cancelled up to 10 calendar days prior to the start date of the course.

3. For courses with limited spaces, admission is granted in the order in which the registrations have been received.


Course Requirements

4. For courses with specific entry requirements, proof has to be provided that these requirements are being met (i.e. where and when training was completed).



5. The Kientalerhof offers professional translation on request – costs for a translator are: For 1 course participant CHF 120.00/day, for 2 course participants CHF 70.00/day and participant, for 3 course participants CHF 50.00/day and participant. 4 or more participants CHF 40.00/day and participant.



6. Course fees do not include food & accommodation, use of infrastructure and visitor’s tax.

7. Course participants who are not staying at the Kientalerhof will be charged CHF 10.00 per calendar day for use of the services at the Kientalerhof.



8. Early booking discount: 10% discount on course fee, with the condition that payment has been received as stated in point 13 of the terms and conditions.

9. We grant a discount of 70% within a time period of 8 years when repeating parts of the basic training  (booked at Kientalerhof; Shiatsu, Cranio, Esalen Massage, Trager Therapy, Ayurveda Massage).

10. For continual professional development courses, members the of SGS, GSD, CS and VCHtS receive a discount of 10% on the course fees if proof of membership is supplied on registration. In this case we grant a discount of 5% on the regular early bird booking price (see point 11).

11. Discounts on course fees are limited to a maximum of 15% and can not be accumulated, except for repeated courses as stated in point 9.



12. On entering into contract with a standard fee, a deposit of at least 20% of the full booking costs is payable after date of registration within 14 days. Remaining fees are to be payed at least 14 calendar days prior to the start of the course.

13. On registration with an early booking fee a deposit of minimum 20% of the total costs is payable within 14 days of registration date. Remaining fees are to be payed latest 60 days prior to course start (date of payment on Kientalerhof banking account). If the total amount accrued is less than CHF 500.00, it needs to be paid within 14 days. This applies to both normal prices as well as early bird specials.

14. For registrations later than 14 days before course start the full fee amount has to be payed right away.

15. In exceptional circumstances a written special payment plan can be agreed.


Withdrawal from contract, Changes

16. If the Kientalerhof has to cancel a course, all payments will be refunded in full, or in agreement with the participant, payments can be credited to another course.

17. A registration can be transferred to another person up until the start of the course, as long as this person fulfills the course requirements. The new participant has to be arranged by the cancelling person. An administration fee of CHF 50.00 is payable.

18. If the customer cancels the normal fee registration agreement up to 14 calendar days prior to the start of the course, the deposit of 20% will not be refunded.

19. If the customer cancels the normal fee registration agreement less than 14 calendar days prior to the start of the course, the booking costs are payable in full and will not be refunded.

20. For registrations with early booking discount 61 days prior start of the course the 20% deposit will not be refunded, for later cancellations the booking costs are payable in full and will not be refunded.

21. For cancellations  with serious reason (because of illness or an accident) a medical attestation has to be supplied and it is possible to use the balance within 1 year for another service. An administration fee of CHF 50.00 is payable.

22. In case of cancellation of any other accommodation bookings (external seminar organizer, hotel guests) from 3 days before booked arrival date an administrative charge of CHF 75.00 applies. In case of cancellation on the day of arrival or non-appearance, the total amount of the reservation is due.

23. For any other seminar changes an administrative charge of CHF 50.00 applies.

24. In case of cancellation within 24 hours before the treatment appointment, the full invoice amount will be charged.


Changes on behalf of Kientalerhof

25. The curriculum and the lecturers/teachers may be subject to change.

26. The Kientalerhof reserves the right to amend the prices which have been advertised in the course brochure. In this case, the customer may withdraw a registration without incurring any costs.



27. The Kientalerhof is not liable for any damages incurred from any of the courses which the Kientalerhof organises. It is the responsibility of the course participant to organise adequate insurance.



28. We would like to make you aware that our seminars do not replace any medical or psychological treatments. The participants are responsible for their own wellbeing during the course. The Kientalerhof is not liable for any problems or health related disorders which occur with a possible connection to any of its courses. 
Prospective participants who suffer from a serious illness or psychological disorder are requested to contact the Kientalerhof before submitting their registration. Please describe all your current medical problems and if you are regularly taking any medication (if so, which medications).


EMR/ASCA Conformity

29. Our continued professional development courses fulfill the requirements of EMR and ASCA. If a course will be accepted as continued professional development for your registered method can only be decided by EMR and ASCA and therefore the Kientalerhof can not guarantee accreditation. If in doubt, please contact EMR or ASCA directly to establish if a course will be accredited.


Place of jurisdiction

30. Place of jurisdiction is Kiental.


* As of April 27th 2021 *