The ChieneHuus stands out through its building biology, as well as the natural and high-quality materials. Guests experience an increased living and sleeping quality.

Avoidance of Electrosmog: The construction of the building includes avoidance and shielding of radiation. We only use shielded power cables and main disconnectors. In the guest rooms there deliberately is no WLAN and TV available. Internet connection is possible via LAN cable. Wood100 provides optimal shielding and reduction of high-frequency radiation (mobile radio).

We attach particular importance to your restful sleep: The bed frames consist of oiled and solid oak wood and a metal-free wooden slatted frame. The natural mattresses have a 5-zone natural latex core, covered with cotton and virgin wool, an inner cover of light cotton fabric and an outer cover of robust cotton body. The fillings of the duvets and pillows are 80% bamboo and 20% corn fibre. The bed linen and terry towels are made from sustainably obtained and natural organic cotton fabrics.