The ChieneHuus

The ChieneHuus stands out through its building biology, as well as through its natural and high-quality materials. The unique Wood100 building style is free from chemical treatments and provides a healthy surrounding. Those who have experienced it are enthusiastic and rave for a long time about the security and warmth that the natural materials and the simple design convey.

Our roots: The ChieneHuus, opened in 2018, is the youngest child of the Kientalerhof. The offerings at Kientalerhof represent the core of our activities, with various training and education courses in complementary therapy as well as a wide range of courses in personal development. ChieneHuus, on the other hand, is aimed more at those seeking peace and quiet, who wish to retreat and relax and want to be spoiled by one of our beneficial treatments.

What does the word „Chiene“ mean? It is the name of the river “Chiene” which runs beneath the house, and also refers to the pines that grow in the valley, whose wood has been used to build the ChieneHuus. Moreover, “Chiene” is the name of the rolling stones inside the river. This name therefore stands for a never ending transformation, which in the end represents the only constant in our lives.